Cheapest data plan in nigeria 2017. Cheapest Data Plans for PC, Android and iOS in Nigeria: Edition

Cheapest data plan in nigeria 2017. MTN Tariff Plan Migration Codes {Cheapest & Best} 2019

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This post was first written in , towards the ending of the year. Practically do not know exactly how to present this part, this is because Glo went crazily cheap with their data bundle pricing in You can even run a mini-cafe with such generous data pricing. You can check out all their data bundle plans here or tell us your specific data needs in the comment section below. It is best to try out the lower data plans in your area first, before activating the costlier ones. In past times, Airtel Nigeria has always been the go-to Network for affordable data bundle plans. The few etisalat internet subscription plans featured in this section is monthly bundles and works across all devices.