Trifoglio watches. Trifoglio Italia Millimetro Automatic Watch | Price & Reviews | Drop (formerly Massdrop)

Trifoglio watches. Veloce, An Iconic Italian Car Inspiration by Trifoglio Italia

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Official Site of Trifoglio Italia - Italian Designed Watches By Alessandro Baldieri

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In one of my chats with the man himself, Mr. Baldieri, he was generously enough to share his upcoming Millimetro concept to me during the prototyping phase. With these new choices, it makes it even harder to decide which colour to go for, where there are now 78 different possibilities from the 3 different colour dial by 3 different case colour and followed by the variety of straps. Now onto the dial. Overall, I really like how the design of the dial has been well thought off where it looks very complicated from the hour disk, but moving to the minute disk it is less busy and lastly to the second disk, which is simple yet precise. To complete the time indicator, a clip design painted under the dome crystal provides the final touch of telling time through the Millimetro. I really like how the 3 rotating disk are aligned flat with minimal gap in between each disk.