9 weeks embryo images. 9 Week Old Fetus Images and Pictures, What Does a Fetus Look Like at 9 Weeks

9 weeks embryo images. 9 Week Fetus

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9 Weeks Pregnant | Pregnancy Week-by-Week | Bounty

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How big is my baby at 9 weeks pregnant? Still not much bigger than a raspberry, your baby's organs, nerves and muscles are all starting to function now. Their ears are starting to develop, and their eyelids are now in place. Their little fingers and toes are starting to change from being titchy buds into actual digits. You at 9 weeks pregnant By week 9, you might be finding your waistbands are getting a bit uncomfortable, even if you don't have a proper 'bump' on board! If you are still having waves of nausea at certain times of the day, the last thing you want is restrictive clothing around your tum, so go for stretchy, breathable fabric whenever possible, and make leggings, or jeggings and longer tops your friend! You can also get extension clips that extend the waist so you can keep wearing your clothes for longer.