Difficult topics. Talks that explain difficult topics to kids | TED Talks

Difficult topics. Responding to Difficult Moments

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Talking about difficult topics | NSPCC

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Although the learning process has been a hot topic of various sciences, including neuroscience, psychology, pedagogy and the learning theory, the truth is that humankind has yet to discover the full array of factors involved. For the time being, learning is defined as a process that implies constantly altering the existing skills, behaviors and information by synthesizing and acquiring new types of information. Following is a list of the hardest subjects to understand. The first attempts to understand physical phenomenon at a microscopic scale can be traced back to the 17th century to Christian Huygens and his inquiry on the wave nature of light. An advanced branch of physics, the quantum theory tries to understand reality at a microscopic scale, making it confusing and puzzling overall. In fact, the high level of mathematics and physics involved in comprehending this science can even confuse modern scientists who employ it in the finest real time applications. If you are curious about the motion of substances on our planet, then you should look no further than thermodynamics, the subjects that explains the rules and implications of heat transfer.