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Oscar winning nude scenes. Oscar Winners Who Went Nude

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The Top 5 ~*Hottest*~ Oscar-Nominated Sex Scenes

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What constitutes great sex, you ask? But one thing we can agree on is the tingle we all got between our legs when watching the following sex scenes from these Oscar-nominated films. Here are five of the hottest Oscar sex scenes, curated with love and horniness by yours truly, in no particular order. I mean. What I ALSO love about the Titanic car sex scene is our girl Rose still convinced she could have fit Jack on that door with her- but moving swiftly along telling her forbidden fruit of a boo exactly what she wants. Why I love it: Because at one point, Brittany Murphy, despite being turned-on as hell I say this based on her seductive bedroom-cum-factory eyes and heavy panting STILL requires the use of some saliva before that P in V action.