Pics of dead people. People In The s Did THIS With Dead Bodies

Pics of dead people. 12 Haunting Funeral Photos of Dead Celebrities

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11 Sad and Strange Facts About Victorian Death Photography

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This was especially true for children, whose mortality rate was much higher than it is now. In these early days, no one really posed the bodies or cleaned them up. A poorer family might lay a nice dress across the body of a person who died in shabbier clothes before a photographer took a picture, but there was little beautifying of the corpse. Because people during this period died in their homes rather than hospitals, photographers made house calls to take these pictures. Americans kept the photos in hard cases that they might display on their mantel or keep in private. Europeans also took pictures of dead celebrities like Victor Hugo and sold them as cards. Towards the turn of the century, parents and photographers began to pose their deceased children for these photos by fixing their hair, dressing them up or even opening their eyes.