The true origin of christmas pdf. The Shocking Pagan Origin of CHRISTMAS!

The true origin of christmas pdf. JavaScript

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Christmas , Christian festival celebrating the birth of Jesus. In this secular Christmas celebration, a mythical figure named Santa Claus plays the pivotal role. In particular, during the first two centuries of Christianity there was strong opposition to recognizing birthdays of martyrs or, for that matter, of Jesus. The precise origin of assigning December 25 as the birth date of Jesus is unclear. The New Testament provides no clues in this regard. One of the difficulties with this view is that it suggests a nonchalant willingness on the part of the Christian church to appropriate a pagan festival when the early church was so intent on distinguishing itself categorically from pagan beliefs and practices. Christmas began to be widely celebrated with a specific liturgy in the 9th century but did not attain the liturgical importance of either Good Friday or Easter , the other two major Christian holidays.